We teamed up with URLBasket

We teamed up with URLBasket which provides URL conversion for all your links. From now on you don't need to remember long URLs. URLBasket will convert them into short and easy to remember.

Just check out URLBasket page and get your own account. You can customize your short URLs by giving them friendly names. Own a spare domain? Great. Use it to customaize your short URLs even more.

01 June 2017

LinkXEEGo mobile app is here

To make life easier I created LinkXEEGo, a mobile app to add and share links online.

Get it on Google Play

10 Dec 2016

New video added to our Youtube chanell

I added new explainer video to LinkXEE Youtube chanell

8 Dec 2016

Chrome browser extension update

New version 1.4.5:

  • extenxion improvements

Chrome extension in Google Web Store

3 Dec 2016

Chrome browser extension update

New version 1.4.1, new features:

  • adding new collection
  • collection icon
  • public collection icon - click on it to open the collection in the browser
  • shared collection icon - appears when the collection is either shared with you or by you
  • deleting collections including links in it
  • deleting links

Chrome extension in Google Web Store

10 Now 2016

Chrome browser extension

Sharing links with LinkXEE has never been easier. So is adding new links. If you are Chrome browser user, now you can use our Chrome extension to make add new links easier. You can find it on our main page and in Google Web Store

5 Now 2016

New UI

In October 2016 I implemented new UI. It still needs more work to be done.

Oct 2016

It's back

In July I went to visit my friend. We talked about different projects and he asked me about Linkyy. He knew that I was working on this some time ago.
After a few hours of talking I had a plan how this should look and work now.
I've changed the name to LinkXEE, updated UI and here it is. LinkXEE

Jul 2016

In the meantime

I've "finished" Linkyy in Dec 2013, deployed it and we were using it. A few new features were added, but I didn't think about developing it.
In the middle of 2014, with one of my friends we created The Hoxton Team and started working on Fluentlyy and ImageWIZZ projects.
The same year ImageWIZZ has been acquired by AlchemyWorx, one of London's email marketing agencies.

Jan 2014 - Jun 2016

The Launch

Project Linkyy was finished. I've launched it and we were using it. More friends came to me asking to give them access to Linkyy.

Dec 2013

The UI Design

After I had first thoughts how to code it, I had to design the UI. I'm not a UI designer, but I tried to sketch something. It was awful. So I decided to find something ready to use. And that's how I've found WrapBootstrap. They have a lot of cool stuff that work out of the box. I bought a template and didn't worry about the UI any more.

May - Jan 2013

The Project

As PHP developer, I had a bit of experience in coding, I've setup dev environment one weekend and the fun began. I spent most of my spare time on thinking about the project. Oh yes, finally it was the project.

May - Aug 2013

The Talks

So I started talking with people about Linkyy - that's how I called it then. They liked the idea. Especially my wife, with whom I share a lot of YouTube links, mostly music.

Dec - Apr 2013

The Idea

Most of us share things with others. I used to keep library of my links on my Google Drive and share it with my family and friends. I've had different files dedicated to different categories and people. But, it wasn't efficient way. So the idea of Linkyy was born.
You'll ask me an obvious question now.
"Why didn't you use Facebook, Twitter or other social network? Everyone is using it."
And the answer is very simple:
I'm not a big fun of social network pages. I didn't want to share my stuff with others without control, and please don't tell me that you have full control of your social account. Anyway, I'm not a fun of social networking so I had to solve the problem some other way.

Dec 2012

The Move

In October 2012 I've moved to UK.

Oct 2012